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Rule The World with Stepping Stones and Melodic Math

Elon Musk said in an interview, that a friend told him starting a company and working on problems could be akin to “staring into the abyss” and “eating glass”. Although making music and videos is not quite that distasteful, I do spend most of my waking hours in the studio playing, writing, recording, editing and fine-tuning all the details. If I am not actually making music then my mind is usually gravitated toward thoughts of same. It is kind of like digging a ditch and seems to be never ending. Of course, there are fun parts and it is my choice to do this work.

I know that in order to grow as a songwriter, producer and video artist, I have to put in the long hours and the hard yards…even when I am not compensated financially. It is more about passion, giving and being compelled to progress in skills and abilities. I call it ‘adventure living’ (chuckle). There really aren’t enough hours in the day so I feel like I must take advantage of what I can. Essentially, the sands in the time glass won’t go on forever so why put it off!

Rule The World is a steppingstone on my ‘adventure’ journey. It was an exercise in stretching myself to write a song in a different manner than I was used to. In the middle of it I wanted to give up, but soldiered on in order to finish it as best as I possible could.

The chorus became problematic and in order to resolve repetitive meter issues, I endeavored to balance it with some syncopated and answer vocals. After listening to a Max Martin interview, I was inspired to take on some of the points he made about songwriting, melodic math and production. It is futile not to try something because of a fear of failure. I am ok with failures as long as I am learning something along the why not have a crack at a different approach and stretch the old sweater comfort zone.

The video for Rule The World went through a few edits and uploads. Now I think I have fixed the issues that bugged me. After rummaging around for royalty free war footage and whipping up some drawings in Photoshop, I spent a couple of days working and re-working the final video.

If you enjoy my songs and videos, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up to date on new material. I would love to have you on board!

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