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Done and Dusted: Album on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play...etc

Another year is coming to a close

and soon we shall be rolling along in pudding bodies under the Christmas tree and writing our New Year's resolutions with hopeful optimism. Some of us will be thankful to wake up alive to enjoy another day and have the chance to write the next song, play a few more notes on our beloved instruments and to breathe in the beauty that still remains in our fragile world.

There is always more to learn and it seems like there is never enough time to tick all the boxes of our aspirations and pursuits. Still, one must keep taking a step forward and then another on the tricky mountain track. My stepping stones this year have led me to embark on a Bachelor of Music majoring in Composition and Production. I have made it to the end of my first trimester and survived the exam process. Whew! It is only the beginning and it will be quite a long journey as I have enrolled in a part-time schedule...just to extend the challenge.

With new beginnings I bid adieu to my album project for 2018. Baby Likes To Play It is now out on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, cd baby and other digital outlets. You can also listen to the full album and download tracks from my website and on Bandcamp. Grab a listen if you are in the mood for a bit of sax and quirkiness.

Have a great Christmas and New Year and I will see you at the other end.

Here is the blurb that accompanies the album:

Baby Likes To Play It is an album that celebrates playing tenor saxophone within a contemporary pop context. Aria has written songs that reflect her views on different issues such as environmental challenges as with the tongue-in-cheek composition 'Enough Is Enough', and a light-hearted cure for depression in 'Blue (Under the Weather)', adding a sprinkle of flute to the mix. She touches on the #me too movement with a song about a rape victim's road to recovery in the confronting track 'Break'. In contrast, the upbeat and fun tune 'Be Somebody' explores that underlying human need to feel important. Another subject touched on is the art of learning to let go when things feel stuck, in the quirky uptempo 'Letting It Go'. After the emotionally charged, successful Thai cave rescue took place in 2018, Aria was so moved that she wrote the heart-felt song 'A Miracle' from the perspective of those in the cave. An underlying thread throughout the album is the fact Aria loves playing tenor saxophone and does so in most of the tracks. She wrote the mainly instrumental number 'Baby Likes To Play It' and the groovy 'Sax You Out' purely to have some down right saxy fun! Aria Stone is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist playing tenor saxophone, flute and blues harmonica. She records, produces and creates original music that crosses genres and is developed in an intuitive way. Feed your head...and enjoy!

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