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Dust Under the Stars...ready for launch!

It has come to the pointy end of the year after knuckling down with studies at AIM and recording songs for my new album. After months of being a recluse in my studio, I have been in the process of compiling my music and the final masters. Navigation through sonic landscapes has been a bit experimental, as I wanted to explore new territory, both rhythmically and using effects. I especially had fun making my sax sound like a distorted electric guitar on a couple of tracks as in 'You're the One'...ok, so there might have been a bit of guitar envy going on!

Improvisation with lyrics and music has also taken a place in the mix, especially on the track 'Time'. The words formed as I was recording and I just kept spitting out whatever rose up from the depths of my subconscious. I love the idea of coming to a track without any preconceived ideas and just see what happens.

Ultimately this album is a one-woman journey into songwriting from the heart, and performance within an experimental pop context. The songs are taken from conception through the recording process, production and ending with mastering the tracks ready for streaming. Throw making videos into the kaleidoscope, and like a snowball I roll down the steep and bumpy hill gathering speed, bruises, knowledge and experience!

Well, here it is folks, the link to my album: Dust Under the Stars It has been a labour of love. Enjoy!


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