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WOW...Facebook Made Me Do It! New Album Release - Stories From the Other Side now launched world-wid

Check it out here!

Armed with a razor blade, Trash2, a buffet of plugins and miscellaneous instruments, I waded through the greedy swamp to create these original songs in my studio.

The inspiration for this album 'Stories From the Other Side' came from reading Facebook posts and watching people's dramas unfold online. There were also cases of friends that were down on their luck and, of course, the inevitable connection of my own experiences interwoven throughout these stories.

I created multiple layers in some songs and disguised my saxophone as an electric guitar in others. While completely improvising a few compositions, as in 'Secret', there is more structure and planning in other tunes. They all hold elements of improvisation which is an innate passion of mine. On a couple of tracks I brought an array of takes down to the edge of silence as an experiment into the concept of 'silence'. This was an extension of my explorations that began with my Masters Degree in Painting and initially inspired by John Cage.

'Stories From the Other Side' is a marker in my ongoing journey of writing, recording and producing music. It is a labour of love and a magnetism toward storytelling, truth and creative expression.


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