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Baby Likes To Play It: 2018 Album Release!

After nine months of writing and recording I have finally begun the first stage of releasing my album for 2018, titled Baby Likes To Play It. Within the next few weeks, the album will be released worldwide on iTunes, cdbaby, Spotify etc. As an early Xmas present, for a short time the digital album is available on Bandcamp with a free download option.

This new collection of songs is a celebration of songwriting, dance and playing saxophone. It is a great pleasure to share my thoughts, joys and emotions with you through my music. This time around I have been inspired by events in the news, more observations of human nature and reflecting on my own personal challenges. I hope you enjoy Baby Likes To Play It as I evolve and explore further into a world of sonic expansion and growth. Click here to listen and download. Onward and upward!

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