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Original Song Inspired by B.B. King

"What is the new kind of sexy?" you ask. Well, all I can say is that it has nothing to do with blonde hair, muscles, perfect symmetry, or tattoos. Expansive, enquiring intelligence and innate, raw talent are much more seductive in my books. I tend to fantasise about music rather than physical human attributes...after all, we are only nomadic spirits prinking around in our ephemeral flesh and bones. It is the soul that drives creativity and progress, and inevitably forges its way under my skin and fills me with unbridled passion and inspiration. Such was the case after listening to the legendary B.B. King playing his smooth, understated iconic licks.

I had been jamming with a pro backing track for my live show, courtesy of the fabulous sax player, Mark Maxwell. He provides high quality backing tracks for fellow professional musicians on his website: After listening to B.B. King, I started writing some lyrics and melody over the blues track I had purchased from Mark. Lo and behold, the song virtually wrote itself. Sometimes I sit back in amazement as lyrics start pouring onto the page, like blood. I have learned not to censor this part of the creative process until the palimpsest emerges of its own accord. It is then, do I burrow and rummage, adjusting and refining, tossing the random word high up in the air and watch unattached as it nosedives onto the garbage pile. The result was a bit of self-indulgent fantasy, as though I was talking to the King himself.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song accompanied by a backdrop of B.B. King images I have collected. I held back a few tears while compiling the slide show of pictures. There was something very touching about watching snapshots of this legend over the years. What a life! What a legacy of music! Thank you B.B. King.

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